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Iranian Government comments on Karl's Last Flight - I'm making new friends....or not

Apparently my book Karl's Last Flight drew the attention of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently. I had seen on not long ago that someone from within the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence had been on my website and looking over the book. Recently I discovered my name and the book's title mentioned in a Farsi Language blog. Here's the link if you can read Farsi.

A friend of mine is a retired military linguist who speaks fluent Farsi so I asked him to translate. Here's what the Iranian Government thinks of my book:

As reported, “ بیسیل ” ساندس (Basil Sands) is an American author of fiction books with the title “ last flight Karl ” (karls last flight). This book is the story comprising of sections or parts 21, ‌6, 8, 13, 17, 19 and 21 take deals with Iran. One interesting point is that these parts or sections proport a sensitive role that the Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has with the picture of the nuclear mushroom cloud that is on the cover of this book. Within the story’s plot, a US space shuttle becomes a casualty in space and falls to the ground within the territory of Khorasan Province, Iran. The author of the book in this story further writes that because of the fallen spacecraft, Iran will foolishly assume that this in fact was an outright attack on the Republic Of Iran by the United States Of America which by the grace of God has failed. As we proceed further within the story, Basil Sands writes that the Iranian Authorities will then strike US military forces hosted within Saudi Arabia and other middle-eastern countries. The author adds to his plot within another part of the story, that the fallen shuttle issue combined with Iran’s decision to attack the US causes the world to enter into a third world war.

By reading this story we see a number of the goals of American foreign policy and war strategy of the US:

-The United States is in line with the western devised program “Project Iran Phobia” especially after the production of a good number of films and books which sang the same old anti-Iranian media sensationalistic songs. This novel is in line with that trend.

- Another point that must be made is the ease at which the author assumes actions and responses concerning Iran in an effort to reach a level a sensationalism and reader attention.

It would seem based on the first line that the book and my name have been mentioned elsewhere but since I can't read Farsi I don't know where to look to verify that.

While I haven't managed to land a big publishing contract yet, it seems I've at least gotten somebodies attention.

Oh boy! 

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