Time for a little less of me!

The time has come for there to be a little lot of less of me.

That’s the poetic way of saying I am going to get rid of this extra bunch of Basil around my middle with extreme predjudice.

Years ago, about 22 to be exact I was a 150 lb Marine Private with a 32 inch waist. A few years after that I was a very athletic restaurant manager with a 32 inch waist and a 48 inch chest weighing in at 180 lbs. Then I got into the computer business at the age of 26. Who would’ve thought that I was more likely to get fat working in a tech field than working in a kitchen full of food. By age 28 I was 260lbs and not fit by any stretch of the imagination.

Over the years since then I have fought the weight off and on a few occasions managed to get down to 200 lbs when living a very physically active lifestyle. When I say physically active I mean working at a lumber mill splitting my time between running the manual “green chain” and doing frame carpentry for three years. Once I left that job to get back into computers, it was killing my back and shoulders, my weight went back up to about 240 within a year or so.

I then got into serious workouts and weight lifting and managed to get it back to almost 200 but mostly averaging about 220-230 when doing heavy weight lifting cycles…which was most of the time.

After a ski accident a couple of years ago I couldn’t lift weights anymore, and for quite a while couldn’t do much cardio either. Now I am back up to 245 lbs. I hate it.

So, with the help and encouragement of anyone who is willing to help and encourage me I am going to knock my weight back down to and give it my all to break the 200 lb barrier for the first time in 15 years.

So here we go, the starting benchmark weight as of February 17th 2010 is: 245 lbs / 111 kg / 17.5 st.

Let the race begin!

Cover art done by Jerry Scullion of sculliondesign.com