Getting the Word Out ... by force if necessary

Over the past three years I have podcast three full length novels and a series of short stories. They have gained a verifiable audience of over ten thousand listeners that I know of for certain that have grabbed all of the episodes of all of my podcasts, and a total download count of over a million episode listens. Not bad for no real marketing and not having the marketing machine energy of the Sigler's and Harwood’s of the world.

That having been said, I have some new stuff coming out soon and want to make sure it gets out to even more people than all of my previous work. And on top of that, once I do manage to get a serious book deal what next? How do I manage to get a few million people to pay cash for my books, ebooks, screenplays or whatever? And once the first is sold, to keep the next one, and the next one going at the same pace.

How do we continue to market ourselves over and over again to the same audience as if we were new while at the same time getting the word out to a new audience?
I do think that keeping the buzz going longterm is extremely important. If your name stays in front of people's eyes and keeps hitting their ears they will be aware of your existence. But to do that without becoming obnoxious is the trick.

Recently I visited a military surplus store and found an old cold war television hijaking system. You know, it is the old Dr. Evil takes over all the television stations in the world to announce he is going to use a giant laser hidden in a volcano to blow up all of the national monuments in the world if he is not paid an exorbitant amount of money by a certain time. That's my marketting strategy....blackmail.
swirl missileNow...I will use my skyscraper sized Super-Soaker to turn the Moon  bright paisley unless you buy my stuff and send me ONE MMMILLION DOLLARS!

whisper, whisper


whisper, whisper

...uh...could you make that Euros...maybe evenly split ... between Pounds, Euros and Dollars ... and a few Yen.

The Muses

The ancient Greeks believed that artists were guided by a group of beautiful spirits called the Muses. They led the poet and the singer down the path of creativity toward their creations. I think there’s something to that. After all where do these ideas come from that end up giving us stories and songs and poetry?

I believe I have two muses. One with silky long black hair and a smile that sparkles brighter than the morning star. She whispers in my ear. Her breath sends shivers of pleasure through my entire body. She sings and points to things of beauty that I otherwise may not have noticed.

Her rival is a rather gabby individual. Her hair is also black and shiny but is tied back tight and ends in a pony tail that bounces and snaps like a whip when she moves her head. She doesn't sparkle, she pops. Constantly talking and jabbering and tossing ideas into my brain pot at such a rate that I can barely digest one before the next comes barreling in. Perky is a word that might describe her…. or caffeinated.

Mercifully the two seldom appear at the same time. They are rather abrasive toward one another when they are together. The poetess starts making vulgar rhymes and the perky one ends up slapping her.

But they are both very hot. They are sultry and sexy and drive me crazy. And I quite enjoy both of their company.

Does that make me a polygamist?

Cover art done by Jerry Scullion of