Are Female Authors as good As Male Authors?

this question came up on The Killzone.  I asked my friend Grunk what he thought about whether female writers were as good as male writers. here is what he said.


Me solve prollum

bang woman on hed with stik

drag back to cav

she rite storee

me kill big antler to eat

she cuk

she cleen

she rub my shoulders give hot bath and make Grunk feel like man aprisheyated

me smash things to make her good plot modul for cuver grafik

Her lituriree fyoocher good... like wumun writer...and her look varee hot in bearskin minidress ... Grunk feel primal urges now ... plees leev and clos dor after u.

So there you have it folks, Grunk’s answer to the age old question.

On the radio again

Between returning from vacation last week and killing / reanimating my entire website, it’s been a busy week. But now there is icing on the cake of busy-ness.

I am guest hosting the Glen Biegel Half Hour Show on KBYR AM700 tonight from 5:30-6 pm AKST ,that’s 9:30-10pm EST.  That’s also 0230-0300 GMT…I won’t be hurt if my UK listeners wait for the podcast version.

Then I will be doing Hometown Talk on the same station tomorrow morning from 0800-1000 am (Noon-2 EST, 1700-1900 GMT). that one will longer therefore funner.

I promise to be witty, intelligent and not pick my nose in front of the camera.  Tune in via the web at and click the ‘listen live” link or check out the podcast archive on the site in a few days and let me know what you think.

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