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Name My New Web Radio Talk Show

By basilsands - Posted on 24 November 2009

I am starting a new radio talk show on starting in December and am enlisting the help of my faithful audiobook listeners to name the show.
The show covers Current Events, Politics, Sports and Entertainment presented against a humorous backdrop of live talk mixed with occasional skits and coming from  a fairly conservative viewpoint from America’s northern frontier state of Alaska.
It is guaranteed to be informative, sometimes serious, generally fun and at times downright silly of the Kharzai Ghiassi school of silliness (listen to Karl’s Last Flight or Faithful Warrior and you will know that means).
The title needs to reflect that the show comes from Alaska, is a general information/entertainment show, and sound intelligent when spoken aloud.
If your suggestion is chosen you will receive $25 USD to Paypal  or
To submit your Title by commenting to this post or use this Contact Page with the subject “Radio Title”.  You have until  December 31st to submit.
I look forward to what you come up with.

Cover art done by Jerry Scullion of