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basil-oceanBasil writes his novels and short stories surrounded by snow capped mountains and  the northern limit of the Pacific Ocean. Creative storytelling, or as his dad used to say 'hamming it up', has been a major part of his life for as long as he can remember. But those stories never found their way to paper until 2006, when a tediously boring job left him anchored to a desk for long hours every day watching a computer network not break. Once the first story was paper though, a new life was started and since then the books have kept coming.

The tapestry on which his tales began started at birth in rural interior Alaska and his school years among the Ohio basil-oceancornfields where he wished to be anywhere else as long as it was exciting. He has lived in Alaska, San Diego, DC, Baltimore, and Ohio. He tried a career in the Marines but injuries sent him home after only six months. He worked as dining manager at NSA, owned a computer shop, was a carpenter, farmer, actor, lumberjack, voice actor, EMT, network admin, helpdesk supervisor, Boy Scout leader, IT trainer, radio talk host, youth minister, and after 9/11 was a sergeant in the Alaska Defense Force Coastal Scouts. 

He is a member of International Thriller Writers where he is a contributing editor to the monthly Big Thrill eZine. He's also an active member of the Alaska Writer's Guild where he regularly presents or participates in discussions and training. In addition to being an author Basil is an established audiobook narrator having recorded numerous titles, including best sellers.


Until a ski injury slowed him down, he had been an avid weight lifter and could bench press 420 lbs. Now he's limited to a bit on the eliptical machine each day and curling the occasional pint of Guinness.

He lives in Anchorage Alaska with his wife and sons.

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