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Geeks Rule - A Collection of Five Action Packed Short Stories

By basilsands - Posted on 30 April 2011


Hey Action Fans!!  I just posted a new eBook collection of short stories over on Amazon and Smashwords titled Geeks Rule for only 99 cents.

If you like fast paced action and have a limited amount of time, jump in and read these stories, each about 4000 words. 

These are the complete versions of stories taken from my popular podcast series In The Shadows. Fleshed out and even deeper. For only 99 cents you can get a chance to take a peek into what goes in my brain when I'm not working on full novels.

Here's a quick breakdown:

Geeks Rule:
When a gang of skinheads come after a nerd they get more than they bargained for.

For Mommy:
A bereaved father and son see a chance for revenge

Maggie Rose:
Boring Maggie wants to spice things up for hubby, but not this much

Harold Blake, Deceased:
Harold's dead, he just doesn't know it

8 Friends on a mountain hike find a shadow of something they can't explain

So get on over there and check it out. After you've read it make sure to leave a comment at the purchase site so they know what you think!

Cover art done by Jerry Scullion of