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July has been Busy

By basilsands - Posted on 30 July 2011

Week 1: Day Job - Visit by Regional
Director and her National Director – quite stressful for my little
one man office.

Week 1: Fun – Wife Birthday then
watch youngest son play in week long Little League Baseball All-Stars

Weekend 1: Fun – Kayaking in Prince
William Sound with son's Boy Scout Troop

Week 2: Day Job – Four day inspection
by National IT Oversight and Compliance Team (IT version of IG) –
very stressful for my little one man office.

Weekend 2: Prep for Cub Scout Camp,
Prep for church VBS in August

Week 3: Day Job: prep for server
migration to new blade servers. Evenings: Chaperone Cub Scout Camp
all night, tell campfire stories and make sure young son gets to his
final Little League Game.

Weekend 3: Prep for dipnet fishing trip
– lot's of packing. Someone reset the church wifi and removed
security … fixed it

Week 4: Fun (sorta) Head to Kenai for
Dipnetting – fished one tide Monday morning – caught 26 red
salmon in about 2 hours – wife became very sick – rushed back to
Anchorage & went to Hospital – baaad infection, but after 4
days bedrest and care she's better. Canned about 30 pints of salmon,
half of it smoked. Froze 200 lbs of fresh fish. Day Job: work two
days, lots of training classes, end of month reports, inventory
maintenance. Day Job: finish prep for server migration.

Weekend 4: prep for next weeks VBS all
day Saturday and Sunday, hope that this sort throat I have now is
just a thing for today, and not a sign of what's coming next week.

And this is the slow time of

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