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From the Desk of Basil Sands - Newsletter

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A newsletter, distributed about once a quarter, maybe less, but seldom more than that, that keep you up to date with what Basil is up to. News on new releases, book deals, movie deals, radio appearances, contests and so on and so on. Basically whatever is going on in Sands Land. Sign up and be entered in a drawing for a free Kindle and free copies of all of Basil's ebooks.

Hello From Alaska: Basil Sands Newsletter

It has been a long time since the last time I put an issue of this newsletter out, so I figured I should update folks out there as to what I am up to and how life is transpiring in the literary and audiobook world of Basil Sands. Oh...that sounds weird, talking about myself in 3rd person.

Before I get into the meat of the Newsletter I am pleased to announce the winner of a full CD audio version of the audiobook of your choice from my website to...drum roll please ... dum, dum, dum, dummmmmmm......Michaelr9781 You will receive a separate email to get your shipping information the the CD Audio version of one of my books will be on its way to you wherever you may be! Congrats Michael.

Anyway, life is moving along quite well. Too fast though, way too fast. First a writing update. I have been working on the co-sequel to 65 Below and Faithful Warrior for most of the past year. The working title is Cold Summer. It has proven to be more of a challenge then I anticipated because I want to make sure to give you a good story that is both action packed and believable. Having heard from so many of you over the past few years I truly do not want to disappoint. So be patient with me and I am sure it will pay off.

To the point of paper editions, or for that matter e-book editions, of my current stories I cannot say when those will be coming available. I have toyed back and forth with the idea of self-publishing to satisfy the many who have expressed a desire to have the final version of these stories as books in hand. And truth be told, it has been a disheartening trudge up steep terrain trying to get published by traditional means. I am teetering on the edge of throwing in the towel and just doing it all myself, but a still small voice sitting in my mind keeps telling to be patient and a real deal will come along soon. I hope. Every time someone emails me asking where they can buy my books in print I nearly breakdown and go for it via Amazon's CreateSpace. But the last thing I want is to self-publish and then drop myself into obscurity because I don't have the time or budget to do the tonnes of self-marketing it takes to rise on the lists and get seen to the point where the big guys will notice.

We very nearly had a movie deal for 65 Below last year, but in the midst of discussions the investors decided to go a different direction and things were left hanging. Luckily no contracts were signed so therefore everything is still available. Sadly in the course of all that my agent became very ill, as in nearly left the planet ill, and decided that she wasn't able to serve me well enough anymore. Which is code to say, I am once again agentless. Sigh....

But something will come eventually, I am sure of it. For the time being I will wait it out and hope and pray and rely on you, my faithful listeners, to spread the word and get the buzz going.

Aside from books I have been dealing with other things over the past that some of you may be interested in. Last winter I started a weekly podcast talk radio show titled Basil's Alaska Weekly News Review. It is an hour of news, views, commentary and comedy delivered via the web every Saturday morning at 10 am Alaska time (2pm EST) and it is simply a blast. Listeners from around the world tune in either live or via their podcatchers through out the week to listen and many comment on my talk show website ( or facebook pages every day. If you are into conservative talk about world news and views or want to hear what's going on in Alaska tune in or subscribe via iTunes and you can hear me every week.

Speaking of ceilings and water damage, which we weren't but I could not think of a good segue, I have finally finished putting my dining room ceiling back in place after a ten gallon fish tank decided to spill its contents from my 2nd floor into my first. My goodness but sheet rock is absorbent. At any rate all the little holes, and drippy spots are now cut out, filled in, mudded, taped and ready for texturing by this weekend. Ah the joys of home ownership.

On another nother note, and to give you some Alaskan flavour in this newsletter, my lovely wife of over 22 years has taken it to heart to get herself back into the shape she was as younger lass and is out and about walking for an hour or two every morning. Yesterday she very nearly had a run in with a moose. Yes, a real life, 10 foot tall, 1000 pound mama moose. As she and her friend trotted along the side streets of our suburban neighborhood they rounded a bend and right there at the side of the road was a hugemongous mama moosie munching on a willow tree. The giant creature grunted and laid its ears back but luckily did not charge. My wife assumed it had calves nearby, but did not stick around to investigate. The rest of their trip was uneventful but they vowed to make sure her friend's dog, a golden retriever, was with them every time they went out.

In addition to those events, there has been little league baseball, summer camp, fishing trips, train rides and sadly my oldest son taking wing and moving out on his own. Well, it had to come, but at 42 years old I feel too young to have a son who can sign a lease for an apartment of his own. I have friends 10 years senior whose children are still in grade school. That's what I get for marrying early I guess. I do still have two more at home and they won't be leaving me any time soon... I hope.

Well, that's about it from me for this time. A few months from now you may hear from me again, but as I vowed at the beginning there won't be too many of these newsletters.

God Bless,

Basil Sands

Who Dares, Wins.

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